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For anyone that has dealt with issues involving drugs or alcohol, the first step that was usually taken before going into detox was an intervention. This meeting, conducted by a group of friends and family, is performed to ensure that the addict is able to see for himself or herself how they are harming more than their own lives. Meetings such as this confront the addict with the truth that their addiction is affecting the lives of everyone around them, and illustrate the importance of getting the proper treatment to get clean and start to regain the trust and value that they once had in the eyes of their loved ones.




Having an intervention can be an eye-opening experience. Considering the things that a lot of addicts may have done in order to get their fix, it can be painful and heartbreaking to relive these things over again from the family members that have been hurt. While at times it can be considered “tough love,” it is not the intent of these meetings to cause further pain, only to air out grievances and make the addict realize the full extent of their actions. Those actions have repercussions, and a forced gathering in a manner such as this may be the only thing that works after repeated attempts at talking about the problem or trying other methods in order to help the individual understand what they are doing beyond simply looking to get high repeatedly.


Although an invention may not be the most pleasant experience in the world, it is quite often a vital component to getting someone having problems with addiction on the right track. By coming to terms with the things they have done, an addict will hopefully realize that they are wasting their lives and hurting the people that are closest to them. Afterwards, the person can then seek the appropriate treatment needed in order to ensure that they can maintain their sobriety and get clean from substance abuse. That treatment can be found at any number of drug and alcohol detox centers located across the country.