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Advantages of Rapid Detox Treatment in Middlesex County

There are two types of detoxification programs your doctor will recommend in Middlesex County; tapering and rapid detox. The difference between the two is that tapering takes weeks to complete whereas rapid detox only requires 48 hours for the detox process to be complete. Rapid detox treatment is a better option for people planning on recovering fast from an addiction. However, you must understand that this detox method is not for everyone.

How does rapid detox work?

Prior to using this detox treatment method on a patient, a clinician in your Middlesex County detox center of choice will do a number of tests. This is done to ensure the treatment is right for you. If you are viable, you will be kept under anesthesia before the detox medication is administered to flush out the drugs. This process completes within one to two hours. Thereafter, you will remain under close medical supervision for at least 48 hours.

What are the benefits?

The grand benefit of rapid detox treatment in Middlesex County is the significant reduction in the withdrawal symptoms. As a result, about 20% of addicts using the rapid detox treatment complete their drug treatment program. This is according to the American Medical Association’s journal.

When considering the overall cost of natural or tapering treatment, rapid detox is less expensive. It takes less time to complete. The detoxification process works much faster. A patient does not need to deal with accommodation or transport expenses associated with the treatment.

A study conducted by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Center in Australia found that rapid detox treatment is the best option for the addicts struggling with drug addictions. After detoxification, the patients are able to abstain completely from drug use for months without any complication.