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Alcohol Addiction Help

Why is Assistance Necessary?

If you or someone you love has an alcohol abuse problem, the struggle to overcome may be one that is confusing, overwhelming. One of the most important steps to take in this situation is to realize that alcohol addiction help is your best bet for successful recovery from this terrible habit. There’s no denying that overcoming an addiction to alcohol is a tough road, but with the care and aid of trained professionals at addiction detox and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, the odds of success are greatly improved and the mental and physical well-being of the patient is of the utmost importance.

What kinds of programs provide alcohol addiction help?

First is the detoxification process. Basically the body must be cleansed of lingering alcohol within the system; the severity of the withdrawal symptoms is largely dependent on the longevity and severity of alcohol abuse. There are a number of dangerous and potentially life-threatening symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal that should be closely monitored by trained medical staff to ensure the health of the addict is maintained.

After detox begins alcohol rehabilitation, the period in which the physical and psychological dependence within the individual is addressed and treated. Behavioral cognitive treatment in addition to education and counseling regarding alcohol abuse are designed to help the individual learn more about alcohol addiction and how to successfully overcome their own addiction.

Why do I need help during detox?

Typical symptoms of the acute alcohol withdrawal most addicts experience during detox include agitation and anxiety, an inability to focus, loss of appetite and thirst, nausea, headaches and shakes or instability. After twelve hours, those symptoms are sometimes joined by auditory and visual hallucinations that generally fade after 24 hours. However, about 48 hours into detox the hallucinations may return, in addition to convulsions or seizing, hypertension, fever and delirium. Generally, these symptoms all hit their peak around the 5 day point, with detox typically being complete after 7 days.

How can rehabilitation help addicts overcome their addiction?

Through therapy, education and treatment, the individual gains a greater understanding not only of the hazardous effects of alcohol abuse on their physical and mental health but also of how and why they are struggling with that addiction. By determining the causation of the addiction, the addict can learn how to avoid certain situations and the coping skills they’ll need to abstain from alcohol when they are faced with it.

Why is alcohol addiction help necessary?

During alcohol detox, the addict experiences numerous physical and psychological effects that can prove dangerous to their health; monitoring by trained medical professionals significantly lessens the dangers inherent in acute alcohol withdrawal. Treatment and therapy provide a stable foundation on which a recovering addict can build their lives without alcohol addiction. This, in addition to a support group, can greatly increase their chances for success.

How to Find Alcohol Addiction Help Near You

If you or a loved one is in need of help to overcome alcohol dependence, check out the Detox Help online, or call for the information you need. Alcohol addiction help is just a phone call or website away.