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How Alcohol and Heart Disease are Intertwined

When most people think of alcohol and heart disease, they do not automatically think of the two topics being related, yet they are. Those who are heavy drinkers have an increased chance of having heart disease. It comes as a surprise to many drinkers when they are told that there is considerable damage to their heart or that they have some sort of disease that is associated with the heart. Most people think that those who have heart problems are weak and have some sort of genetic problem, yet alcohol can cause the person to develop these problems over time.

When a person drinks heavily they are inserting triglycerides into the blood stream that basically adds to the cholesterol the person has in their blood. The more cholesterol a person takes in, the higher the chance of having their arteries start to block. Studies have shown that those who drink heavily are putting more cholesterol into their bodies and their hearts suffer for it. On top of actually blocking the arteries in the heart, the person will also find that alcohol can affect the natural beating rhythm of the heart that can send a person into a heart attack or even a stroke. Those who binge drink consistently are going to find that they are at a higher rate of having heart problems due to having so much alcohol running through their system. This is not something in which a person should take lightly, as it does not take years and years of drinking heavily to make damage that cannot be repaired.

With this all being said, those who are drinkers and want to improve the health of their heart, today is the day to stop drinking. Becoming sober can help minimize the chances of doing more harm to the heart, and can actually add years onto the life of the person. It is best to seek the help of a professional when you are drinking heavily as the withdrawal symptoms can be hard to deal with on your own. In fact, those who try to do this on their own are more likely to start drinking again, which is what the person wants to avoid. Your heart is an organ that is very susceptible to what you do in your life and it is delicate in terms of how much it can take. Drinking is just another element that hurts the heart, thus, the person should be sure they are getting the help they need to become sober.