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Are Alcohol and Heart Disease Synonymous?

With modern science being all that it is, most people have come to realize that everything that they do can affect their health. Alcohol and heart disease are two topics that keep coming up in talks as to whether one causes the other. The answer is yes, those who drink alcohol are increasing their chances of having heart disease later down the line. In fact, recent studies have shown that alcohol can affect the heart immediately if the person were to drink excessive amounts, such as when a person decides to binge drink. The reason for the connection is due to the cholesterol that the person has. Alcohol is putting more cholesterol into the body and in turn the cholesterol can make the arteries clog, leading to the heart having a more difficult time to pump the blood through the veins.

When talking about whether alcohol and heart disease are related, a person needs to realize that science is speaking to those who drink excessively. An alcohol is described as someone who has more than four drinks per day. An occasional drinker that may have one or two drinks throughout the week is not the person that the research is studying. It is important to make a distinction due to the research that supports the benefits of alcohol. These benefits are only achieved when a person is only drinking a little bit, not when they are drinking excessively.

With the given research it makes sense for an alcoholic to stop their drinking as soon as possible in order to avoid putting more strain on their heart. This can be achieved if the person is serious about getting sober, yet they still may need help. Those who drink excessively will have a hard time in getting sober simply because the detox and withdrawal stage can be brutal. Professional help can come in many forms such as rehab facilities that have caring medical staff on hand to get the person through the detox stage, while also providing therapies that are going to help the person to remain on their path of becoming sober. For those who want to be as healthy as they can be, they need to realize that their excessive drinking is not helping the situation. Therefore, they need to get the help they need in order to become sober. Those who do are not aging to regret this decision as it can also improve other areas of their lives, including the relationships they hold dear.