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How Alcohol Withdrawal Anxiety Can Affect Recovery

For alcoholics who made the decision to stop drinking, this is a point that many people never reach, thus they should congratulate themselves. However, most people do not realize that quitting drinking can be a huge obstacle course that many people never make it through. Alcohol withdrawal anxiety is one of the problems that alcoholics encounter once they stop drinking. It is so bad that many alcoholics return to drinking. Still, there are those who are able to get through this and get on with their lives. The main question that many people have is just how this type of anxiety can hinder a person’s recovery.

When a person suffers from anxiety, they feel as though they have no control over anything. Even the simplest of tasks can make a person feel as though they cannot continue on with their life in the way that it is. For alcoholics, this means that they associate their quitting drinking with the anxiety that they are feeling. So in return, they start drinking again. It is a never ending cycle, as the person will more than likely have anxiety each time they stop drinking. This can be amplified if the person is making other changes in their lives besides stopping to drink. One simple example of this is switching jobs while trying to remain sober, which can bring about levels of anxiety that some people can’t handle.

In addition, alcoholics may have this anxiety because they have altered the chemicals in their brain from the years of drinking. This is common among those who have been drinking for many years and for those who have drank heavily. This is a condition that will have to be treated by a professional in order to get the person back to normal. A professional is going to give the person medications that are meant to help balance the brain chemicals and eliminate the anxiety that they may be feeling.

If you, are someone you know, has decided to stop drinking, they are going to find that professional help is the only real way to get through this. Not only are professionals going to help the person through the urge to drink, but they can treat the anxiety that is more than likely going to occur. With help, a person can get sober and get back the life that they have always envisioned for themselves. It is merely a choice of getting help or trying to do this on your own.