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Alcoholics and Liver Failure – Signs to Be Aware of

Those who are proactive about their health that have entered into a detox program for alcohol are going to be the types of people who care about their health and go to the doctor when they start to see signs that their bodies are not functioning properly. Those who start to see signs of liver failure are going to want to get to a doctor immediately as this could be a serious problem that could lead to death. The liver has a huge job within the body as it is the organ that takes toxins and releases these from the body. When the liver is not functioning properly then a person is going to have these toxins released back into their body, and this is the case for why someone will start to show symptoms that indicate something is wrong. Not everyone will show the same symptoms as everyone id different and there are those who will present with all of these symptoms, and others who will only show a few. Alcohol abuse is often a cause for this occurrence, but other drugs can bring it about.

When someone starts to see that their skin is turning a yellow color, though it is only slightly, this shows that toxins are already starting to accumulate in the body. Jaundice is the yellowing of not only the skin but also the whites of the eyes and is the primary signal that people will notice when their liver starts to fail. This is a warning sign that the person needs to take seriously and as soon as this is noticed, they should see their doctor as soon as possible.

There are a few other signs that are commonly linked with the liver starting to shut down. These signs include the person feeling as if they might be coming down with the flu, with the aches in their muscles and bones, and running a fever. Those who start to feel this way often dismiss the feeling as they think they have another ailment. But, when this is combined with having vomiting, losing weight, having no appetite and the like, the person is going to find that they need to see if their liver is functioning as it should be.

There are always other symptoms that a person can have when their liver starts to fail, as there is never a list that is true for each person. However, when a person starts to notice they are tired, losing weight and their skin has a yellow tint, the person will be best to see a doctor to diagnose whether their liver is functioning properly. This can be completed with a simple blood test. This is a warning for alcoholics that the time to stop is now before the process leads to their death. Counseling and detox are the best options for those who want to get sober and stay that way.