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Ambien Drug Abuse | Ambien Detox

Free yourself from Ambien drug abuse

It’s quite difficult to notice Ambien drug abuse symptoms or addicts because most people may not even be aware of it. Most people innocently pop a pill before they go to bed just to get a good night’s rest. However, one pill turns to two and increase until the person becomes completely dependent on the pill in order to sleep. Ambien (commonly referred to as Zolpidem) can be obtained over the counter and is recommended for use for 10 days. However, since it allows one to have a very good uninterrupted sleep, most people are prompted to continue its use for longer periods which results in Ambien drug abuse. Ambien is an excellent drug that provides a good night’s sleep and one can sleep almost instantaneously after taking the drug.


What’s considered Ambien drug abuse?

Ambien drug abuse includes taking more than the recommended dose (which is usually 10 mg). Ambien drug abusers also choose to take the drug for a longer time than the recommended 10 days. Note that, taking a larger dose than recommended and taking it for longer periods than the acceptable results in over dependence. Naturally, the body will build a tolerance which means that people will be forced to take larger doses just to get the same effect. In some cases, in order to intensify the effect, people may be forced to mix the drug with alcohol. In the long run, the person becomes an intensive Ambien abuser and may take it orally or snort it after crushing it. There are those who boil it and inject it into their veins.

What are some of the side effects of Ambien drug abuse?

Ambien drug abusers have reported getting some vigor and stamina after ingesting the drug. If taken in very large doses, Ambien can result in hallucinations and euphoria feelings. Often the addicts have poor judgment and reasoning combined with delusions which means that they can be a danger to themselves and the people around them. There are also periods of blackouts combined with amnesia when they wake up where the people don’t remember what happened under the influence. There are so many reported instances where Ambien drug abusers drove or sleep walked or did other things which they don’t have any recollection of.

What to do to prevent Ambien drug abuse?

Once people learn that there are side effects associated with abusing the drug, they often try self help detox programs which are very risky. Often, sudden withdrawal and cessation may result in withdrawal symptoms which may be too tough to handle. This is the reason why we recommend that you call us immediately you need help to stop abusing Ambien. We will provide you with the proper detoxification measures combined with drugs that will help you cope with the symptoms thereafter. It may be hard to recognize Ambien drug abuse symptoms yourself which will leave you in denial but we recommend anyone with a close friend or relative undergoing this fate to call our free helpline immediately and we will provide the necessary help.