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Get Treatment for Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine Treatment: Helping a User Help Themselves

If you or someone you love has an addiction to speed, there are various methods users can take advantage of to overcome their addiction.

Speed Addiction

Uppers are a dangerous and addictive drugs, that can get their hooks into anyone who uses them; even those with a legitimate need and prescription. That is why it is so important, upon first recognizing your loved one has speed abuse or addiction problem, to get them the rehabilitation and treatment they need to overcome this terrifying addiction to the so-called ‘smart drug’.

Smart Drug Withdrawal

There are serious physical and psychological side effects to the withdrawal from amphetamines. That being said, the effects of speed withdrawal makes it a potentially dangerous time for the addict indeed, so withdrawal, whenever possible, should be undergone in a medically supervised environment like a rehabilitation center. The pain and misery the body and mind go through during speed withdrawal, and the intense longing to return to using amphetamine that these feelings engender, means that the withdrawal effects often cause users to relapse time and again.

Rehabilitation Centers for Amphetamine Detox and Treatment

Rehabilitation centers offer those trying to kick their uppers habit a safe and stable environment in which to undergo the often dangerous withdrawal from the drug. Their physical being will be carefully monitored to keep an eye on the physical withdrawal symptoms, and counselors and therapists are on hand to help combat the psychological ones.

Behavioral Treatments for Uppers Users

Behavioral treatment for speed users is a relatively simple process, though it can be lengthy, especially depending on the severity of the addiction. Once withdrawal has been conquered, there is still a few weeks’, months’, even years’ worth of harmful habit that recovering users need to learn to how to live without. Relearning how to live without a substance they’ve leaned on, often heavily, in the past can be just as daunting for the individual as the actual withdrawal was.

Types of Behavioral Treatment for Speed Addiction

  • Education – learning what drugs do, and how to live a life without them through avoidance, aversion and coping skills
  • Counseling – individual and group counseling to help users talk about the problems they face
  • Psychotherapy – helping the user discover the root of their addiction, as a means of eradicating it
  • Motivational interviewing – helping the user discover within themselves the reason they want to quit using speed, and further how to maintain that dedication
  • Peer group sessions – where people in similar situations can learn and grow from each other’s experiences, struggles and successes in a judgment free, supportive zone.

Helping a User of Uppers Get Started

Uppers are addictive; they cause the body and mind to form a dependence upon the drug which often can only be broken through ensuring that the individual finds a stable, supportive and above all safe place to undergo withdrawal and treatment. Rehabilitation centers provide that platform for speed detox, and can ensure that your loved one comes out the other side of their addiction clean and sober. If you or someone you love is addicted to amphetamines, please help them get the help they need, before it’s too late.