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Baltimore’s Prescription Drug Problems

The reality of Baltimore’s drug problem is something that most everyone needs to be made aware of, as these problems can be found throughout the United States. The use of illegal drugs is high, along with those medications that can easily be purchased over the counter. However, there is an alarmingly high number of people who start abusing the prescription medications that they are given by their doctors. In fact, it has been shown in studies that women are more likely to abuse these types of drugs. Most commonly, these drugs are those that are meant to help a person deal with anxiety and stress. These drugs are often tranquilizers, sedatives and pain medications. The reason why women are more likely to abuse these is still not understood, yet there are also men who abuse these drugs as well.

There are several horror stories throughout the US about those who have used tranquilizers, sedatives or pain killers to the point of death. For example, it is not unheard of to hear that someone took too many tranquilizers to the point it slowed their heart and the person died. Other people use the pain medications so much that they become addicted and overtime, they build such a high tolerance that they need more and more of these to get by. Pain killers, tranquilizers and the like are all doing massive damage to the body when these are abused. For example, pain killers can cause liver damage that is irreparable, while tranquilizers can slow the entire body down to the point it shuts down. These are not drugs that a person wants to deal with if they want to continue to live their lives full and without consequence.

Those who are prescribed these medications need to ensure that they definitely need this in order to live. There are those who use these with care and never abuse them, which is fine. However, a person who believes they have a problem with this needs to seek medical attention. These are not the types of drugs that a person can just quit, they will have to be weaned off of these in order to avoid any problems with getting off of these drugs. A professional is going to be the only source of help for those who want their lives back minus the use of prescription medications. In the end, a person will be happier if they can live their life without the threat of these drugs in their lives.