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Barbiturate Abuse

Barbiturates Abuse

Barbiturates are another form of drug that has sedative and hypnotic effects. It has the same casual effects like anxiolytics. This is usually used to decrease the anxiety level. People who are facing with great deals of stress and emotional tension end up using with drugs that can cause euphoric stance.

The barbiturates were formally introduced in the market during 1900s. It was popularly recognized in 1960s and 1970s until several cases were noticed that have caused users being placed in critical condition. Too much usage of barbiturates can disrupt the normal functioning of a person. Its effect may alter the nerve impulses that usually takes place in the brain and nervous system.

Barbiturate abuse can be critically dangerous because it can lead to mortality. The main effect of the drug can reduce inhibition, depression and anxiety. However, too much of it can lead to cognitive failure due to brain alteration. There are various classes of barbiturates. The primary distinction of these substances depends on the extent of the effects.

The effects of long-acting barbiturates may last up to 2 days. On the other hand, the short-acting barbiturates can last for few minutes only. Barbiturates which are injected on the muscles or veins can be more effective but may have more fatal outcomes. This will depend on the amount being injected into the system. However, there are barbiturates in pill forms which are commonly used by barbiturates abuse cases.

The causes of barbiturate addictions are due to its popular effect for stimulating drugs such as amphetamine and cocaine. It counteracts the alertness and excitement from the stimulating drugs. The barbiturates causes “downing” feeling which usually make the users to underestimate its effect.

The symptoms of barbiturates abuse can be considered as so-called relaxants. It has the same manifestation with alcoholic substances. The effects of this specific drug may be similar to pain medications, antihistamines and other sleeping drugs. In small dosages, the addicts may suffer from intoxication and drowsiness. On larger dosages, clients may develop confusion and slurred speech.

On even larger dosages, clients taking either on injection or oral may end up comatose and worst, death. This manifestation had called the attention of several physicians to address the problem. If you are or know someone who has problems with barbiturate addiction then it is about time for you to look for medical attention. There are several treatment plans that can help you avoid this critical situation. Pick up the phone and call now.