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Bath Salts Addiction

Bath Salts Addiction

The newest and highly addictive form of drug is labeled as bath salts contain alkaloid mephadrone. This drug also contains Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). These two compounds found in the bath salts are considered as stimulants. The effects of these substances are similar with cocaine and amphetamine. However, its distinction from the two involves the stimulation of brain causing false sense or hallucination.

There are several street names which are used to call bath salts. These include: Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, White Lightening, Ivory, Bliss, Wave, White Knight and Charge. This substance is usually injected or snorted. Other users use this like a cigarette smoke. It primarily used by young adults and teens. This manifestation usually occurs because of its massive exposure in the internet, smoke shops and local convenient stores.

As a matter of fact, the drug is not labeled for human consumption but the irony on it is several manufacturers keep producing this substance and placing it for availability in these markets. The bath salts are known to produce several adverse effects to the body which have resemblance with methamphetamine. These include hypertension (high blood pressure), tachycardia (increase cardiac rate), extreme paranoia, irritability, hallucination, violence, aggressive behavior (murder, crimes) and worst, death.

The bath salts addiction commonly occurs because the users are craving for the drug even after they have experienced the psychotic episodes. Most users suffer from delusion and hallucination which causes them to think of super powers and strength. The danger of bath salts can be critical. Standard hospital treatment does not respond positively for people who abuse this drug in large dosages.

Self-care treatment will not successfully help people who have bath salts addiction. The prescribed treatment plan carries long-term solutions. It includes in-depth assessment and monitoring of the individual who are manifesting the symptoms. Through this, professional medical doctors can identify and design a specific program that can address the problem.

Careful evaluation will be given on case to case basis. This is because the prescribed solution does not only intent to help the person to get rid of the bath salts abuse but to treat the person on whole basis. Holistic care is given to them which include the alternatives for expressing the core of the problem.

If you know someone who suffers from bath salts addiction, we recommend you to look for medical attention wherein they can undergo dual diagnosis and prescribed intervention for their problem. We are here to help you embrace new life. We are ready to help you. Give us a call now.