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What you Need To Know About Buprenorphine Treatment

Buprenorphine Treatment: Helping a User Help Themselves

Like other drugs, treatment is still a possibility for all addicts of buprenorphine. If you or someone you love is addicted to this drug it is important to take the first steps to treatment that can last and save a life.

Overcoming Buprenorphine Addiction

Fortunately for those opioid users and their families there are a number of ways to help overcome the addition that this illegal drug can have.  Most are fearful of getting through their addiction because buprenorphine has some of the hardest withdrawal symptoms to deal with, aside from alcohol and barbiturates. However, if you are seeking to assist your loved one through the drug rehabilitation process it is a good idea to seek the professional assistance of a drug counselor or therapist.  Depending on the user there are various methods of treatment that can be considered while under the care of a professional.

Medicinal Help for Bupe Withdrawal

It is important to understand that while these medications can help ease the difficulty of withdrawals, they are not effective long-term at helping to eliminate the addiction. Medicinal means for detoxification to be successful must go hand in hand with behavioral therapy.

Methadone for Buprenorphine Detox

Because methadone does carry the opiate medication within it the body of a user reacts to it similarly, so symptoms of a withdrawal are not felt. With methadone treatment typically there are certain programs, whether individualized or group that must be attended, as well as psychological attention from physicians and clinicians is necessary. Methadone is the most common treatment for heroin withdrawal, with buprenorphine as the next.

Naltrexone for Buprenorphine Detox

Naltrexone is taken for those patients who have not been on opiates for several days as a means to keep them from bonding to receptors so the effects of the drug is no felt.  While it is an approved means to treat buprenorphine patients it is not often that patients can comply with this treatment, making it rarely used by clinicians.

Behavioral Treatment for Orange Guy Addicts

Because buprenorphine patients may have already been involved in an out-patient treatment program, it is typically suggested to try another form of orange guy detox, like a rehab facility. This will not only prevent further encounters with street opiates, but allow for consistent monitoring of the individual so that they are not tempted to reuse.

Overcoming Buprenorphine Addiction

For those who are attempting to overcome an addiction to Bupe, it is important to recognize that there are plenty of rehab options. With the support of a good buprenorphine detox plan and loved ones around you it is certainly possible.