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Cocaine Detox is the First Step in Recovery

Cocaine, also known as the rich man’s drug because of the infamy of the unfortunate habits of well-known celebrities throughout the years, is a stimulant that provides the user with a euphoric sense of well-being and boosted energy, for a time. When the drug wears off, it leaves the user feeling depressed, exhausted and worn-down, so most people will continue to seek the high to avoid the unpleasantness of the comedown. Cocaine abuse is a common sight, and unfortunately turns into addiction before long.


Cocaine Abuse


Cocaine abuse is not glamorous, it’s not the fun time it’s portrayed as being; it is, however, dangerous and hard to recover from. In fact, in most cases, even recreational cocaine use becomes habitual use, and before long turns into an addiction. There’s no such thing as a safe, insignificant cocaine habit. Cocaine abuse of any kind is damaging to the mind and body, and potentially deadly as well. And eventually, it turns into a serious cocaine addiction.


Cocaine Addiction


Cocaine addiction forms when the user begins to invest more time, energy and money into their cocaine habit, all because of a constant need to feel the effects of the high the drug bestows. Friends, family, interpersonal relations and work all seem to fall to the wayside; the drug becomes all to the addict. Anything not relevant to their drug use is not important to the user, and the only way to overcome these feelings is to get into a cocaine detox and treatment program as soon as possible.


Cocaine Detox


Cocaine detox focuses on helping the user cleanse their body of the drugs invading their system; the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are at best unpleasant for the user, and detox should always be carefully overseen in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the user. The cleansing and subsequent treatment process is scary and overwhelming enough for the recovering addict, which can lead to feelings of despair and depression regarding their situation. Ensuring a complete, successful detox can pave the way for cocaine treatment and rehabilitation to take place.


Cocaine Treatment


Cocaine treatment and rehabilitation are focused on the psychological addiction of the user, after the detox successfully focused on their body. Through cognitive behavioral treatments, therapy and counseling sessions and peer group meetings, the addict can begin to learn the skills they’ll need to avoid further drug use, as well as learning from the struggles and experiences of their peers and sharing their own.