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Colorado Opiate Addiction Grabbing Nationwide Attention

There are some rather daunting statistics to look at when you realize that the use of opiate drugs has risen twofold in the past couple of years in the US. One of the worst among these states has been Colorado. The regular law keepers seem to be having a lot of trouble in keeping these kinds of activities under discipline. The drug abuse monitoring annual report tells us that drugs such as heroin, opiate based prescription medicines like oxycodone, are largely consumed. A lot of it has been taking place in the streets of towns and that makes it a worrying cause.

With opiate addiction and abuse on the rise, families of the affected are always looking for treatment and rehab facilities around Colorado. There has been a rise in the number of clinics compared to the last few years. Most take care of all forms of addiction i.e. from other drugs and substances, alcohol etc. some well known clinics based in the state and offering great rehab as well as after care facilities are Center for Dependency, Addiction & Rehabilitation (linked to University of Colorado hospital), Colorado Medical Detox, Center for Recovery, San Luis Valley Mental Health Center, Valley Hope Association and Westside Behavioral Care. Among these some of the clinics only serve to outpatient people, while others have a residential facility attached to them. One can easily avail of Medicare or private insurance if there appears to be a problem with financial manners.

Different health institutions employ different kinds of methods to impart treatment. It also differs from patient to patient and their health standards. Among the most popular methods is detoxification. This method can often be a little problematic for patients but if proper comfort is provided, it will be easy to handle. There is also a new form which is being called Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox. The method requires sedation and the patient’s body is infused with an opiate antagonist. It is a fast detoxification method and the recovery period is just two days.

Sometimes opiate treatment is done with the help of more drugs. A substance called methadone is often used for the process. Again a doctor might prefer to subscribe to a very natural method to cleanse the patient off opiate addiction.

If you have someone who is suffering from opiate addiction problems in Colorado, maybe this information will be very useful. Despite such cases being on the rise, the medical facilities and treatment procedures are also improving day by day. Proper faith in the method and the desire can make one come back to the normal mode of life.