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Colorado Reeling Under Opiate Addictions

Opiates belong to the potentially dangerous category of drugs that are capable of disturbing lives with their addictive nature that leads to physical as well as psychological problems. In the United States, Colorado ranks among the top tier of states reeling under an epidemic spread of Opiate addiction which has left many faces worried.

Statistics have shown that opiate addiction is the second ranked contributor to deaths related with addiction second only to alcohol. The class of drugs that includes infamous names like Heroin, Codeine, Opium and many more has now added new members in the form of medically prescribed Opiates synthesized artificially for medical treatment.

Drugs like Oxycontin and Roxicodone belong to the class of Opiates and are used extensively by medical practitioners across the state to relive pain when normal painkillers fail to deliver satisfactory results. These drugs are the new craze among Opiate addicts who resort to it in search of easily available sources of Opioid derivatives that can induce relaxation to suppress their depressions and reward them with a few moments of nirvana.

Though Opiate based medical drugs are not available over the counter anywhere in the state, addicts still get them quite easy. Many resort to fake feigning of medical complications that include sever pain for which doctors are compelled to prescribe Opiate painkillers. Others utilize the proximity of Colorado to the Mexican border to get the drug easily from illegal drug traders getting their supplies from Mexican drug cartels.

The epidemic spread of Opiate addiction in the state especially among the youth has left drug enforcement agencies worried on the future days to come. The state currently ranks among the dubious best in terms of the number of drug addiction cases in the entire United States. Denver and Colorado Springs happen to be the worst affected where the spread of this social menace is more severe according to statistics.

Rehabilitation centers in Colorado offer the best treatment and rehabilitation facilities for Opiate abuse cases that fare among the best in terms of success rates. Both in-house and outhouse treatment facilities exist that are equally effective in cases of both mild to severe addiction.

Medication is sure to get results if willpower and determination to emerge out of the loop hole persists. What matters the most is the love and care of the near and dear ones who help the victim eventually emerge out of the depression that actually led him to take to the drug.