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The Common Factor Between Alcohol and Heart Disease

Whenever new discoveries are made in the medical field, many people mentally prepare themselves to look at the facts and decide whether they believe the new findings or they simply think it to be without any merit. For years many medical professionals have been speaking out about the negative effects of alcohol on the body. However, most everyone did not listen to what was being said. However, new studies are showing that alcohol and heart disease are related and when alcohol is present this increase the likelihood of the person having heart diseases later in life. In addition, alcohol in extremely high amounts can have an immediately effect on the heart, which can be fatal if the person is not careful. The main question that people are asking is what is the factor that relates alcohol and heart disease?

The answer to this question is simple. Alcohol is going to increase the cholesterol that is in the body leading to the heart working double time in order to push the blood through the veins. The cholesterol that alcohol is putting into the body is going to help in hardening the arteries of the person. Thus, this is not something that is going to immediately happen. For a heavy drinker, they could shave a good ten years off of their life with the continued use of alcohol. There are immediate affects to the heart that a person needs to be made aware of, this is especially important for binge drinkers to know. Those who binge drink are greatly increasing their chances of having heart failure because of the way in which the alcohol is going to affect the heart. This heart failure is essentially the same as having a massive heart attack and it can cause death, which has been often seen in the news of college aged students binge drinking until their hearts give out.

If you have a problem with drinking and you do want to move forward with doing something that is going to help your health, then now is the time to quit drinking. There are plenty of medical professionals that are experienced and capable of with the knowledge to assist someone to get through the withdrawal and detox stages so that they can get on to their life of sobriety. If you are serious about being on this Earth for as long as you possibly can, then you must stop heavily drinking or it could be your heart that quits, regardless of whether you are mentally prepared to leave yet or not.