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Cost of Alcohol Rehab

Cost of Alcohol Rehab

The average cost of alcohol rehab for outpatient institution is expected at around $1,400 per course of treatment. According to the report noted about the cost of rehab rates with specific emphasis on the mental and substance abuse health services, the expenses will depend on the type of programs chosen by the clients.

The reports shown that residential treatment program for substance and alcohol abuse ranges $2,500 to $3,500 per admission and outpatient methadone treatment plant may cost $7,400 per admission. The costs were taken from the reports given by the Alcohol and Drug Services Study (ADSS) in 2002.

The data also shows that it usually cost around $17.78 on the average for any outpatient drug treatment abuse. $26.72 per visit for outpatient with non-specific drug related problems. For non-hospital setting residential treatment may cost for average rate of $76.13 per day.

The amount of expenses will also depend on the extent of services availed by the clients. The personnel costs which are composed of all types of treatment. The personnel cost of alcohol rehab is around 63% of non-hospital residential treatment care. Another 65% for treatment of specified drug related abuse and 79% for outpatient of non-specified drug related abuse.

The report is being based on the site visits for 280 rehab centers. The survey was taken on average basis. This survey of rehab cost was taken from the telephone survey on the national representative sample of more than 2,000 treatment centers. The site visits include the information collected with regards on the costs, staffing, services and clients served provided. Additionally, the client information was taken from the sample of a client treatment records.

These studies were being assessed and evaluated for the validity of the information gathered utilizing the automated programs. These programs are tested to check the relationship of costs between the resources, staffing, client counts, and costs that involves utilization measures.

If you are looking for affordable cost of alcohol rehab, we are here to help you identify the common expenses for this treatment plan. As you can see, the charges will depend on the type of program chosen. In addition to this, the costs of facilities and the extent of treatment will also affect the overall expenses of the drug rehabilitation treatment program. The professional fee will also differ because there are several experts who may charge clients for higher rates especially if the specialists you chose have comprehensive backgrounds and advance experience in treatment of abuse and addictions.