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Crystal Meth Detox is the First Step to Sobriety

It doesn’t matter how infrequently you use crystal meth; eventually that recreational use is going to become an abusive habit that can lead to long term, lasting damage to your mind, your body and even your life. When you’ve reached the point where your meth use becomes meth abuse, it’s time to start considering detox and treatment.


Methamphetamine Abuse


There’s really no such thing as a ‘small meth habit.’ Because of the addicting nature of this drug, use of meth often leads to abuse, which in turn can result in addiction. Even using ‘when I go out to the bar,’ or ‘only when I hang out with certain friends’ is dangerous, habit forming, and eventually becomes a methamphetamine abuse habit that you find hard to break, until it becomes an addiction you don’t even want to try and overcome.


Meth Addiction


Meth addiction is scary and overwhelming; that is, when the user actually cares enough to notice the harm they’ve done to themselves. The problem is, most individuals still don’t even recognize they’ve become addicted, and when they do, they feel as though there’s nothing they can do to change the current status quo. That is completely, one hundred percent untrue: addiction to this drug can be overcome by following through with a crystal meth detox and treatment program.


Crystal Meth Detox


Unfortunately, unlike tobacco, there is no replacement therapy or drug available on the market to help users overcome their meth addiction during the detox process. Crystal meth detox is the cleansing of the body from the pervasive drug that has overtaken the system of the user. During this time, most individuals will suffer with the unpleasant, frightening effects of meth withdrawal – these effects can range from moderate to severe, depending on how long and how often the user abused the drug. After the detox process is complete, however, the path to effective speed treatment has been paved.


Speed Treatment


One someone has acknowledged their meth addiction and has successfully completed the detox process, treatment for their drug use can begin. Speed treatment is comprised of several different techniques, in either a residential – inpatient – or outpatient treatment program. Though different programs may have different methods employed, most all of these treatments include behavioral cognitive therapies, individualized counseling and peer group sessions, all of which are designed to help the individual learn aversion techniques and coping skills to help them continue to live drug free, as well as build up a support system to help them to talk about their struggles with others in a similar situation.