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Cure Heroin Addiction

The worst part of drug abuse is usually the addiction phase. One of the most addictive substances on the planet earth is heroin. Overcoming of heroin addiction is at times viewed as impossible due to the severity of heroin’s withdrawal symptoms. Over the years, specialists have relied on methadone substitution, but recently there is emergence of new better ways of dealing with heroin addiction. These are all possible thanks to the increased professional interest in the treatment of heroin addiction.

The first thing in the cure for heroin addiction is to act as early as possible. This is because recovery chances are high if the problem is addressed quickly rather than after an extensive period. One should also understand that even though methadone is highly regarded as the option for curing heroin addiction there are many other options. This is mainly because at times the waiting list on the methadone clinics may be longer than usual thus forcing an individual to take up other options.

Therapy alternatives are gaining momentum in the fight against heroin addiction. Specifically the use of dihydrocodeine and buprenorphine is becoming common to almost any part of the globe. Buprenorphine is relatively similar to methadone, but has less effective opioid thus less risk of addiction to it. On the other hand, dihydrocodeine is another newcomer is the fight and is highly considered due to its affordable cost not to mention it is less toxic and safer compared to methadone.

Another perfect way to cure heroin addiction is by signing up for behavioral therapy. This is made easier by now availability of qualified professional offering the therapy after professional realized the effectiveness of behavioral therapy as a cure for heroin addiction. The most used therapy is the cognitive-behavioral interventions whereby the therapists try to help the patient understand what exactly led them to the addiction. However, many professionals around the globe have also realized that therapies are more effective if done together with the use of other treatments.