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The Dangerous Side Effects of Percocet Abuse

In order to help reduce pain after surgical treatment, or decrease the excessive pain associated with combined disease, combined and back problems, a doctor may recommend Percocet. And although the recommending of it has become very common, many sufferers are amazed to understand that oxycodone is a restricted substance. However, what is more troubling is that an addiction to Percocet can start is within as little as three weeks of taking the medication. Actually, studies have shown that a typical complication of Percocet misuse is the frustrating sensation that the drug has to be taken in order to feel “normal”.

Percocet is drugs that are regarded a “schedule II” drugs, and can only be obtained with a prescription. According to many sites, oxycodone is extremely addictive; containing a mixture of acetaminophen and oxycodone. Oxycodone is a narcotic drug and catalyst, and acetominophen is a discomfort reducer. Additionally, Percocet rarely contains any opium based on poppy vegetation.

People who start to take Percocet will quickly feel a type of “euphoria” that changes their discomfort with synthetic emotions of well-being. As their systems start to develop up patience for the medication, the pursuit for the euphoric “high” becomes harder to return to. A complication of oxycodone misuse is that the person has an increasing need in body and mind for the medication. Often, there is a noticeable increase in both the amount of and how often Percocet is taken throughout the day.

People who are misusing Percocet will often display symptoms of uncommon sleepiness that may start to intervene with day to day activities. As the everyday dose of Percocet increases, its narcotic properties cause sleep to become more necessary. Over time, as the addiction progresses, the addict may also start to demonstrate everyday symptoms of the drug called “stupor.” Continued increases in dosage can lead to a coma.

Changes in Behavior
Behavior changes perform a big part in Percocet habit. The desire for oxycodone is such a terrible complication that the addict will begin to thinking about doing terrible things when it comes to trying to determine how to obtain more of the medication.

When Percocet is misused, withdrawal symptoms can begin as soon as 2- to 4-hours of stopping the drug. The withdrawal results of oxycodone can become so frustrating that sufferers often search out unlawful means to acquire the medication just to quit the signs. It is not uncommon for excessive nausea or nausea, nausea, faintness and blurry perspective to happen during the withdrawal period.