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The Dangerous Side Effects of Percocet

Any medication has some major or minor side effects. Percocet is no different. We should have some information of these effects. This drug has been derived from oxycodone and acetaminophen and prescribed for severe pain. Morphine and other opiate painkiller have the same chemical composition as it. Percocet has addictive properties.

Some Common Side Effects

People will commonly feel low blood pressure, weakness, faintness, euphoria and nausea and itchiness also. Opiates cause it by releasing histamines into the blood stream. If a man takes it longer than a couple of days he may be affected with constipation. You may have to take a laxative.

Some Side Effects that are Infrequent

Fever, widening of blood cells, excessive sweetening, decreased urination, nervousness, dry mouth, liver damage, severe drowsiness, blood clots, depression, hepatitis, breathing problems, decreased blood platelets, blocked bowels, shock and hallucinations – are some of the side effects that can occur but are not common.

Though allergic reactions may occur infrequently the signs should be noticed .If you have an allergy to this medicine you may have the signs of wheezing, hives, skin rashes, difficulty breathing .

Severe Side Effects

Hypothermia, fever, sweating, allergic reaction and headache are some of the more severe effects. There may be side effects to the peripheral nervous system that are seizures, tremors, hypoesthesia and cerebral edema. Percocet brings on gastrointestinal issues that consist of severe abdominal pain, abdominal distention, taste disturbances and dyspepsia. Other severe symptoms and side effects are angioedema, urticaria, acute anaphylaxis, asthma, laryngeal edema and bronchial spasms.

Interactions of Drugs

You must be careful if you are taking any other drug with this .You must consult with your doctor in this case. If it is mixed with alcohol, illicit drugs or other opioids the central nervous system can be depressed with a wide range of reactions from hallucinations to death. If people combine it with other central nervous system depressing drugs like sedatives or tranquilizers the risk of addiction or harming the nervous system may increase.

Addiction to Percocet

It has the power to be mentally or physically addictive. Over the age of 12, 11 million people in America misuse it at least once in their life, as reported by United States of Department of Health and Human Services. You must be serious and sure of the prescribed amounts of this drug otherwise you can be addicted. If so you think that you are becoming addicted or already have been addicted then you should contact with an addiction recovery center or a therapist.

Long Term Side Effects

Liver damage can be an example of long term side effects of Percocet. As it contains paracetamol it happens often. If this paracetamol is taken in high doses it can cause liver damage. People that have liver disease must cease taking this drug. This liver damage can also be caused if Percocet is taken with alcohol.

Dependence on Percocet

Oxycodone is one of the ingredients responsible for making people dependent on Percocet if it is taken long term. It withdraws its symptoms when the treatment is stopped.

The Effects that can be Deadly

These are some effects that can be deadly. These are confusion, seizures, urinary problems, fainting and shallow breathing. If you are not aware of the effects of this drug, it will be wise to checkout any symptoms of which you are unsure and get in with a doctor.