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Detox Center California

Detox Center California

More and more people – from all walks of life are succumbing to both personal and professional crises by resorting to drugs. Not only is the twenty to thirties age group addicted, but also very young people, mostly those still attending school become victims of social pressure. Cocaine, heroin and meth abuse are quite a common occurrence. Dropping out of school due to drug addiction, is no longer a rare phenomena  in California. There is a ray of hope however, for all who wish to end this agony of being addicted to drugs. Our Detox Center California has a great faculty to help all those who want to give themselves another chance with living life to the fullest. Just call us. Our free helpline is open for you –call anytime you want.

Anyone can overcome addiction. So feel free to call us for assistance. It may be for your sibling, cousin, friend, spouse or even yourself. Help is just a phone call away. If you notice any suspicious or unnatural behavior in those who are close to you, just call us. Our detox counselors will provide guidance so that they  may avail of the drug rehabilitation option, that will help them to steer off  the addiction. Do not under any circumstance try to help them yourself as there may be adverse effects. Call for professional help. Call us for solutions. We shall assist your loved one to become  free of drug addiction  and lead a normal life. Our detox program is a structured rehabilitation facility to assist the patient get over the addiction.

After enrolling the person/patient in our program, an assessment is made to calculate the drug intake. This involves gathering some background information. For example, how did it all begin? What were the  underlying causes? How long  has the patient been on drugs and so on. The information  is collected to enable us to customize the detox  program depending on the individual’s needs  and expectations. This helps in identifying the extent of treatment, care and rehabilitation. We remember to design each treatment individually according to the requirement of each case of abuse or addiction.

Next, the actual process of detoxifying begins. Toxins and drugs within the patient’s system is cleaned out by gradually weaning  him/her off the drugs so as to minimize if not completely avoid  the complications of withdrawal symptoms. He/She is under constant monitoring throughout this period;  which may last for ten  days at least depending on how intense the problem is. The detoxifying process can be done under the close supervision of our member-staff who is qualified to carry out the same in the patient’s home or at our center. At any case self-detox is a strict ‘no – no’! Nothing other than prescribed drugs are to be taken.

Ongoing counseling and provisions for lifestyle changes form an integral part of our detox program; thus helping patients avoid relapses. We will help you to rediscover your life and be happy.

Call us now to give up your addiction to drugs.