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Detox Centers

Detox Centers

The causes to be unhappy are many. The reasons to be happy are more. So do not give yourself up to drugs. Just call us before its too late. Our team of experts trained specially  to assist you in overcoming your addiction is always there to give you the support that you need. Our professional detox centers are equipped with the wherewithal that will enable you to lead a drug free life. If you know someone who is in need of such assistance and counseling, we are just a phone call away! Be alert to the tell tale signs of substance and drug abuse. Timely  intervention  can prevent many a life from being wasted. It has been found  that a person addicted to drugs or any other substance, usually turns to a loved one for help. Are you that person? We are here to provide professional assistance so that your friend, brother, cousin, sister…. anyone whom you know can avail of our support services of detoxification in our centers.

Drug and substance dependence has been on the rise as reports go. Prevent yourself and your loved one from being swept away by the clutches of addiction. Call us any time you need. We are there for you, to serve you anytime, twenty four/seven. Together we can help you/your close one, overcome this addiction. There is always a way when there is a will; a determination to live a drug free life. We follow a simple detox program. And you are sure to gain from it.

The process of detoxification is primarily threefold. Determining the extent of the addiction to establish a plan in keeping with the patient’s needs. Information related to the patient’s personal background, such as cause of addiction, length of abuse and so on, help us to formulate a personalized detox program for  the patient. The patient undergoes a systematized cleansing of toxins, closely monitored by our therapists within the safe and supportive environs of our centers.

Meticulous medical treatment is started following detoxification. The patient is advised not to take any form  of medication without  the prior permission of the detox specialists as these may lead  to adverse effects, slowing down the process of recovery.

Thereafter, regular counseling sessions are held with the individual patients to counter and minimize the complications that may arise from the de-addiction process, e.g. withdrawal  symptoms. Through these sessions, the patients learn to cope and manage their daily lives free from drugs and other substances. Continued treatment and support are offered by the team at all our centers to assist the patient get back to normal life and activities with dignity and hope.

Patients differ in their needs in each of the three steps of detoxification. Each treatment pattern is customized with particular attention given to fulfill these needs which may be typical for a single patient and no other. So search no further. Call us and allow us to help you with proper support and treatment. One of our experts will guide you towards recovery. Refresh your life. Now.