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Detoxify Yourself for a Happier, Healthier You

There’s really no debate about the fact that drugs are debilitating for the body and mind. What is shocking about that fact is that the knowledge doesn’t really impede people from experimenting with, abusing and eventually ending up addicted to or dependent on these dangerous drugs. When that happens to you, the first step you’ll need to take is to acknowledge your problem; after that, you’ll need to detoxify yourself and get into some kind of rehabilitation and treatment program, so you can get back to a sober, strong future.


Drug Abuse


Drug abuse comes in many forms – you don’t just have to use a drug recreationally in order for it to be classified as abuse. Although using a drug you’re not prescribed, or one that serves no medical benefit is considered abuse, so too is the deliberate misuse of a prescription drug. That means that using a drug, even when prescribed to you by a doctor, more often than mandated, in greater dosages than prescribed, or even when the need for the drug isn’t currently present, is considered abuse. And that abuse can, and will, lead to drug addiction.


Drug Addiction


Addiction to or dependence on drug use is no insignificant, easily managed matter; rather drug addiction can take over the life of the use, leaving every aspect of their lives that doesn’t revolve around drug use by the wayside. Furthermore, that addiction can be difficult, if not impossible, for the user to halt on their own. Oftentimes, you’ll find the only way to successfully, entirely overcome addiction and dependence is through drug detox and subsequent treatment.


Drug Detox


Drug detox for most drugs is a short term period in which the user is completely deprived of their drug of choice, in a supervised situation wherein their withdrawal symptoms and effects can be monitored, until such time as their body has cleansed itself of every last iota of the drug. Although with certain opiates and opioids the detox process can be very different, often opioid substitution being the recommended form of detox. Either way, detox is the first step in rehabilitation, with drug treatment being the next.


Drug Treatment


While drug detox is intended to treat the body, drug treatment is designed to treat the mind’s addiction or dependence to drugs. With cognitive behavioral treatment, counseling and therapy and peer group support sessions, recovering addicts can learn the behaviors and skills they’ll need to continue their newfound drug-free existence, with a support structure in place to help them through the toughest parts of their rehabilitation. Detox and treatment for drug abuse and addiction is the most effective way to help you, or your loved one, get the help needed to overcome this part of your life, and get back to a happier, healthier you.