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Drug Rehab in Florida

Recent statistics reveal that many Florida residents are falling prey to drug and substance abuse everyday. Some of the drugs being abused include hard drugs like heroine, cocaine and meth. Many people especially the youth are addicted to one type of drug or another as a result of peer pressure. This has resulted in socially awkward mannerisms such as dropping out of school. However, thanks to Our facility, there is now a drug rehab center in Florida which assists all these people. Our helpline is free and we are only a call away. Don’t let yourself, your best friend, your brother, sister or cousin fall into the captivity of these drugs. Call us if you suspect and drug and substance abuse behavior or pattern in the people closest to you and we will guide them through a drug rehab program that will keep them clean. Don’t rush into self help drug detox programs because there are so many negative implications. Call us, the detox experts and we will help your friend lead a drug free life from now henceforth. Our drug rehab facility in Florida uses some of the steps outlined below to help in the detoxification of our patients.

  • Once the patient has been enrolled in our facility there is an assessment done to calculate the intake of drugs. For instance, the reasons behind the drug abuse, when the drug abuse started and also to formulate a detox program custom to the particular patient. The assessment also gauges whether you are ready to undergo the detox or if you are determined to get better and stop abusing drugs. Using the results of the intake assessment, it’s easy to determine your symptoms from drug abuse and how much care you need during the detox program.
  • The next step is the detoxification process. During this stage, the patient is weaned off the drugs and toxins in the system using other drugs which aid with the withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms may be too serious which is the reason why the patient is carefully monitored to avoid causing harm to their body. Depending on the intense of the toxins in the body, detoxification can take at least 10 days. Depending on the intensity of the drug abuse, the detoxification process can be performed in the drug rehab facility or the patient can be closely monitored by a member of our staff at their own home. However, self detox is highly discouraged. Take only the drugs prescribed to you and nothing else.
  • To prevent relapse we provide them with other lifestyle distractions to compensate for the drug and substance abuse. There is regular counseling for patients to make sure they stick to their drug free lifestyle.

To overcome a drug and substance abuse problem, contact us immediately. We are only a phone call away!