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Educating about Baltimore Drug Problems

There are several schools of thought on how the public should be dealing with Baltimore’s drug problems, ranging from having more law enforcement officials to having more school searches to ensure that teens and children are not turning to this type of life. However, the answer to getting people to get away from drugs and to not pick these up in the first place is to educate a person on just what can happen. If people realize just how risky using drugs can be, they may decide that it would be best if they never started in the first place. Those who have been in the position in which they have used drugs and become addicted are great people to utilize in order to send a message to the world about how these drugs could ruin a life and how hard it is to get away from this.

There are several side effects of using drugs, and all of these are something in which people should know. However, death is one of the big side effects that people need to realize. With any drug a person uses, whether it be an illegal drug, a prescription medication they misuse or even overdosing on cough medicine, death is possible in every situation. Drugs are foreign molecules that are entering into the body and they will attack the body if given the chance. Some people think that moderation is the key to avoiding death, however, a person will never know when they will have an allergic reaction to what they are doing which results in death. It is not uncommon for a first time user of some drugs to die because they are allergic to the ingredients used to make the drug.

Teens and kids are the target age for ensuring they are becoming well informed of what drug use can do to them. It is also important to emphasize the effects drug use will have on the mentality of a person. There are those who use drugs and are never right again as they have caused lasting brain damage. In addition, the person needs to consider that they can lose everything in their life. It is not uncommon for a person to lose their family, their friends, their jobs and their way of life. Kids and teens need to know that this is something that they do not want to experience, as it can be devastating.