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What to Expect in a Middlesex County Detox Treatment Clinic

To recover from an addiction, it is important that you enroll in a detox treatments center. There is a lot that goes on there but the goal is to help you achieve a full recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.

Knowing what to expect in a Massachusetts detox treatments center could help you take things easy during treatment. This is because you will be psychologically prepared for the steps to full recovery. There are basically three phases involved: assessment, detox and therapy.


After getting to the detox treatments clinic in Middlesex County, the doctor will first do some tests on you. This is normally done to determine the extent of damage caused by substance abuse and also to find the best treatment plan. A urine or blood test may be required. You will also be asked a number of questions. The information collected by the clinician will also help him/her determine if it is the right time for you to withdrawal.


Detoxification is the second phase of treatment. Based on the information acquired from the first phase, the clinician will determine the best detox treatment for you. He may choose to use rapid detox or tapering. Detoxification requires the administration of medication to help flush out the drugs from the body. In tapering, the amount of substance you are addicted to will be reduced gradually until you are free of it.


Recovering from an addiction is not the final stage. Every detox treatment in Middlesex County or anywhere is accompanied by therapy. Therapy is done to help you cope with the new changes and also lead a life free from substance abuse. The therapy treatment may also be extended to your family and friends especially if they were affected by your habits.

Detox treatments in Middlesex County varies from one clinic to another. To make sure you benefit from the support offered, you need to enroll in a reputable clinic. Research a treatment center thoroughly before you committing to it.