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Heroin Addiction

What are the Signs, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment?

Heroin is a dangerous, deadly drug that claims the mind and body of the user to such an extent that overcoming heroin abuse, without proper medical care and supervision, can be almost as deadly as the drug itself. If you or a loved one is struggling with heroin addiction, knowing the signs, symptoms and effects of this drug in addition to the treatment thereof is the best chance for safe, successful recovery.

What are some signs of heroin abuse?

Some of the signs of heroin abuse include shortness of breath, dry mouth, constricted pupils, uncharacteristic behavior or actions, seeming as though the body is heavy or hard to control, and the tendency to rapidly shift from hyper awareness to dropping off to sleep and back again. Non-physiological signs of heroin abuse include keeping needles or syringes when there is no apparent medical need, burn or scorch marks on spoons, aluminum foil and gum wrappers, missing shoelaces or shoelaces where they don’t belong, burned straws, baggies with powdery residue and water or other kinds of pipes.

Why are some symptoms of heroin addiction?

Some of the physical and psychological symptoms of heroin addiction include increased sleeping, lying and evading, lack of eye contact, loss of clear, articulated speech, drastic behavioral and performance changes such as at work or in school, lack of motivation, lack of regard for personal hygiene and appearance, inexplicable distancing from friends and family, decreased attention to sports or hobbies, increased agitation and hostility, worsening of self-esteem and wearing long sleeves and pants regardless of weather – to hide needle marks. Other symptoms include undue weight loss, runny nose not associated with cold or other health problems, track marks, infections and abscesses, cuts, bruises and constant picking or scratching at the skin.

What are the effects of heroin use and addiction?

Heroin abuse and addiction causes a myriad of physical and psychological issues within the user. Some of the temporary side effects of heroin use are shallower breathing, decrease in mental function, lessened mental and physical pain, nausea and vomiting, and an incessant feeling of itchiness that results in compulsive scratching or picking. The more serious side effects of heroin addiction include heart problems, infection in cardiac valves and lining, increased susceptibility to infectious disease due to shared needles, chronic pneumonia and other lung related diseases, collapsed veins resulting in blood clots and tissue death, liver disease, seizures, arthritis and other rheumatic issues, and bacterial infections.

Why is treatment necessary for heroin addiction?

Because of the dangers associated with heroin addiction and recovery, medical care and supervision is paramount to ensure the safety of the addict trying to overcome their abuse problem. Between the detox and withdrawal process and the rehabilitation, users can become depressed, distraught, or even lose hope completely that they have a chance for successful recovery. By ensuring that physical, psychological and emotional needs are addressed and treated through treatment, rehabilitation for heroin addiction is made much more possible.

How to Find Detox and Rehabilitation for Heroin Addiction Near You

Drug addiction help for heroin users is the safest, most effective way to help addicts overcome their dependence. If you or a loved one needs more information on heroin abuse treatment, the Detox Help can give you the answers you’re looking for. Go online or call the toll free number today to beat back heroin addiction once and for all.