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I Found a Pill in My Child’s Room – What do I do?

It’s the parent’s ultimate nightmare – what would I do if I found a pill in my child’s room? Is it a normal pill? I mean, did it come from an old prescription and they just dropped or misplaced this pill when taking their meds like they should? Or is it something much more ominous, like evidence of an ongoing drug abuse problem I didn’t even know about? How do I approach the subject with my child? And if there is a problem, what can I do to help my child in overcoming this terrible, dangerous habit?

Is My Child on Drugs?

First and foremost, don’t freak out. Yes the possibility that your beloved child, whom you still occasionally think of as a newborn tiny and swaddled, could have a drug abuse problem is horrifying. It will anger you, terrify you and leave you torn up inside. But you cannot allow those feelings to take over – instead, you have to find a way to compose yourself, so that you can calmly and rationally broach the subject with your child. If and when you find out that the answer is yes, those emotions will rush to the forefront, and you’ll be tempted to unleash them on your child, but name-calling and threats will not do anything to forestall this potential drug addiction.

What are My Options?

After finding evidence of drugs in your home, especially in your child’s possession, the urge is strong in equal parts to punish your child and to protect them from future harm – both impulses are completely normal and even correct, to a degree. But once you’ve realized that your child is at risk of a drug addiction, you need to determine the right course of action to remove these drugs, and the temptation they pose, from your child’s life. And that starts off with finding a drug detox program that deals with the type of drugs they’re using.

How Does Detox Work?

Drug detox is the process by which the drugs are removed from the body of the user – although some rapid methods of detox include sedation and anesthesia, with a solution pumped through the user’s system, it is important to remember that this is only one extreme example of detox. Usually, detox is comprised of denying the body the drugs while the residual traces are eventually processed by the body. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult time for the user, as withdrawal symptoms will set in as the body and mind adapt to the deprivation of the drugs they’ve come to depend upon. After the detox is complete, however, the potential for your child to begin using drugs again is still present – which is where drug rehab and treatment come into play.

What is Drug Rehab?

While detox takes care of the body of the addict, drug rehab addresses the user’s mental and emotional dependence on drug use. It is through a treatment program comprised of education, therapy and counseling that the reason for the abuse can be treated, and provide the user with the psychological fortitude to completely recover from dependence and addiction to drugs. This process is an ongoing on, and can be completely on a residential or out-patient basis. Further recovery efforts can be greatly aided by aftercare programs – all of which leads to the addict having a stable foundation upon which they can build a life free of drug abuse, and give back to your child their happy, sober future.