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An Insight into Oxycodone Recovery

Oxycodone is a painkiller drug derived from the opium alkaloid thiamine. It is among the medical drugs enlisted as the most potent medically prescribed Opiate derivative known to man. Usually available in crystalline form, Oxycodone is a great effective pain killer but its side effects are gruesome.

This medical drug works coordinately with the central nervous system which in turn interferes with the normal functioning of the nervous system. A person getting addictive to it can show severe symptoms which in most cases can become chronic if proper treatment is not given on time.

Oxycodone is generally used as a painkiller for severe pain. But recent studies highlights overdose deaths from the intake of this prescribed painkiller. Generally used in Oxycontin or Percocet, the medical drug is reported to show fast addiction results in most cases. Some of the observed symptoms of Oxycodone addiction are severe sleepiness and breathing problems. In certain cases, the addiction affects the digestion system and the person might suffer from vomiting, indigestion or constipation. The nervous system slows down and the person feels drowsy. The muscles become weak and flaccid.

Oxycodone addiction, if not rehabilitated at an initial phase might go to a stage of chronic addiction which may lead to death. Addiction is a stage where the person feels a strong urge to take the drug frequently. Addiction to Oxycodone makes the person separated from normal life both mentally and physically. The initial stage of rehabilitation is the support from family and friends. The person needs to get lot of attention and should be distracted from the drug as much as possible. This withdrawal phase, sometimes is limited, thus, there is always a chance to get back into the addiction.

Sometimes, withdrawal therapy is done through a method that turns the victim into a “Cold Turkey.” In this type of treatment, few anti-drug substances are pushed inside the body which flashes out the addictive symptoms. This makes the body get adjusted without Oxycodone.

The “Suboxone Treatment” or “the Methadone Maintenance” is one which tricks the internal system of the body. The body is compelled to think that some doses of Oxycodone are present inside the body and no need to take Oxycodone persists anymore.

The final stage of rehabilitation is where the person becomes totally free from the addiction of Oxycodone and no more experiences urges to consume the drug or feels any compulsions whatsoever. The most important think to keep in mind is to keep off the root cause for the person taking to Oxycodone and in most cases it happens to be depression rather than anything else.