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Jaundice – A Warning Sign of Liver Failure for Alcoholics

When a person thinks of signs of liver failure, they often think of the big signs like having abdominal discomfort and other similar symptoms. However, the sign of jaundice is a huge factor that shows that something is wrong with the liver. The problem is that most alcoholics do not realize this problem until it is very advanced. Jaundice is not always linked to liver failure, but severe alcoholism is nearly always to jaundice, as it is a signal that there are chemicals off in the body that the liver is secreting. However, with this being said, a person will want to ensure that they get checked out by their doctor in order to ensure that this is not something more life threatening.

Jaundice is described as a yellowing of the skin. There are those people who have a natural yellow tint to their skin, depending on their skin complexion. However, when a person starts to see their skin yellowing, they will notice that it is very apparent and it does not look as though it belongs on the skin. Most of the time, the person will first start to notice this on their face, as this is a part of their body that they will most often see in the mirror. However, as the jaundice progresses, the person will start to notice the white in their eyes is starting to have a yellow tint. The reason that the skin starts to yellow is due to the bile and other chemicals that are normally handled by the liver are slowly leaking into the body. The person will find that over time, they will start to show other signs of liver failure such as feeling sick as though they have the flu.

The good news is that those who catch the jaundice before it becomes more apparent are going to be able to take medications that are going to reverse the jaundice before it morphs into something else. This may mean that the person has to take the medication for the rest of their life in order to restore normal liver functioning. Yet, this is better than the alternative of the liver failing and the person dying from the toxin build up in their bodies. For those who do notice that they are starting to see a yellowing of their skin, they are going to want to ensure that they get medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that they do not suffer more than is necessary. Detoxing from alcohol in a facility designed for such is the best course of action for people looking to reverse the appearance of jaundice.