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Getting Treatment for Ketamine Overdose

Ketamine Treatment: Dealing with Overdose or Date Rape

Ketamine is a low-cost club drug that is easy to get in an injectable liquid form or a powdered form. Users are able to inject it, smoke it, ingest it, or even snort it to get the desired effect. Most users take only a low dosage of ketamine in order to feel a mild dreamlike state. Those looking to experience an out of body sensation, known as the K-hole, will take a higher dosage up to 100 mg. These higher dosages can sometimes lead to an overdose, causing severe respiratory depression.

Treatment For Ketamine Overdose

Ketamine can cause an overdose quite easily, as there is only a slight difference between the higher dosage to achieve desired out of body sensations and the dosage that can lead to dangerously low respiratory rates. It is also possible to develop complications when using this drug in combination with other depressive, such as, alcohol, Valium, or GHB.

When users overdose on ketamine, the hospital focuses on treating the acute symptoms of the overdose, paying special attention to support of the cardiac and respiratory functions. The drug usually leaves the user’s system within 24 hours. If gotten to a hospital in time, they have a good chance of survival.

Those who overdose are usually referred to the legal system where they can spend time in jail or may be able to enter a rehabilitation program.

What to Do if You’ve Been Drugged?

Anyone who fears they may have been purposely drugged with ketamine at a club or party should try to get to a safe place, as soon as possible. Contact a trusted friend or family member and have them take you to the hospital. Alternatively, you can also call 911 and ask for assistance.

At the hospital, medical practitioners will monitor your condition for potential side effects, and also test for drugs in your system. Later on, a urine test will reveal broken down components of ketamine in your system, if you have been drugged. This test can only be taken between seven and 14 days after ingestion of ketamine. It’s extremely hard to detect pure ketamine in the bloodstream as the body quickly breaks down the substance.

You may also want to report the incident to the police and speak with a crisis counselor. If you believe date rape has occurred, do not brush your teeth, wash or change your clothing until police can collect medical evidence.