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How Long Does a Detox Treatment Take in Norfolk County?

If you are contemplating on detoxifying your body, it is important to take the treatment as a process rather than a destination. Detoxification from drugs and alcohol takes as long as necessary. Rushing things up can significantly reduce the success rate and also expose the patient to grievous dangers. Heeding to the advice of your primary healthcare provider in a Norfolk County detox treatments center is the best thing you can do.

Detox treatments focus on helping the body get rid of drugs. The toxins may be in the colon, kidneys and other organs. To cleanse the body completely, the doctor first conducts tests. He will then choose a detoxification program that will match your needs; rapid detox or tapering program.

To detoxify the body using rapid detox, it takes 48 hours. After that, the patient does not even experience withdrawal symptoms. Tapering detox treatment, on the other hand, involves the gradual reduction of the substance a patient is addicted to. This may take weeks or even months for the detoxification to be complete.

In addition to the detoxification program used, the duration of the detox may be influenced by the extent of the patient’s addiction. If there are high levels of toxins in the body, chances are it will take longer to cleanse the organs.

The ability of a patient to deal with the withdrawal symptoms has a part to play on the duration of detoxification. Rapid detox is not for everyone. If your Norfolk County detox treatment clinician chooses tapering, you should be prepared for withdrawal symptoms. Often, to deal with these symptoms, the dosage has to be readjusted at some point during the tapering process. This may slow things down.