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Long and Short Term Nantucket County Detox Treatments

Body detoxification is essential for better health. This is what gets rid of substances that contribute to most of the illnesses in the world today among them cancer. Eating right, exercising and staying away from pollutants are not enough. We live in a toxic environment and keeping our bodies clean is close to impossible. However, with detox treatments, you can easily improve your health and also increase your chances of recovering from a drug addiction. If you are considering detox treatment in Nantucket County, it is critical that you understand the short term and long term detox treatment.

Short term

Just as the phrase implies, short term treatments in Nantucket County are aimed at cleansing the body within a short period of time. The detox treatments may include a 24 hour juice fasting, heavy metal removal, chelation therapy, colon cleansing, and safe mercury removal, skin cleansing and intravenous injections. It is important to understand that the treatment is not limited to the aforementioned items. Depending on what addiction you are working on to gain release, more treatments may be included.

Long term

Long term Nantucket County detox treatments take a prolonged period of time. The treatment is not limited only to dietary changes but also recommends exercises and alternative therapies. During the treatment, you can expect:

  1. Dietary changes which include eating more fruits & vegetables, drinking more fluids and avoiding:
    1. Meats
    2. High carbohydrates
    3. Sweeteners
    4. Exercises
      1. Yoga
      2. Tai Chi
      3. Alternative therapies
        1. Homeopathy
        2. Hydrotherapy
        3. Acupuncture
        4. And trying relaxation techniques

Long term Nantucket County detox treatment is better because it is more thorough than short term detox. The results achieved through long term detox are also more permanent. All in all, your choice will depend on what you are trying to achieve and what your doctor is recommending in order to get free from your drug addiction.