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Marijuana Addiction in Teenagers

Marijuana addiction in teenagers is something that many young people experience, and is a serious problem in its own right.  Adolescence is a very important time in a person’s life, so any type of drug use should be considered and treated seriously.  It is especially important to get the appropriate treatment to those who need it most at exactly the right time in their cycle of addiction in order to have the best chance at breaking it.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Addiction

For teenagers, this is doubly important.   As any type of drug addiction or substance abuse problem experience by a teenager is a real threat to their future and health, as they are less equipped to deal with it in the correct way.        They are also less likely to have the ability to judge their own situations correctly and accurately, and this means that it can be easier to deceive them that it would be if they were an adult.  In fact, this is probably how many teens get addicted in the first place!

They do not know that they are about to do something dangerous because their sense of morality and ethics is not nearly as developed.  This leads to them being exploited by unscrupulous people like drug dealers, who are mainly concerned with getting their hands on peoples’ money. Teenagers can be easy targets, from adults wanting to exploit them or even peer pressure at school where using Marijuana may considered “cool.”

If you think your teenage is using Marijuana or addicted to this drug, you need to look and listen.  Look at their actions, are their grades changing, are the less respectful, has their circle of friends changed, or perhaps they have lost interest in the things they normally do. Examine their behavior and see if it has changed.

What to Listen For…

If you suspect your loved one of being addicted to marijuana, one of the most definitive ways of determining that addiction is to listen for key words they might use with their friends that are commonly used words associated with marijuana use.

  • Burn
  • Stoned
  • Bake
  • High
  • Toke
  • Pot
  • Weed
  • Mary Jane
  • Blunt
  • Joint
  • Roach
  • Pipe
  • Bong

If you or someone you love is addicted to marijuana use, or you even suspect marijuana abuse, it’s always good to know there’s someone you can call. Marijuana rehabilitation treatment centers have the greatest success rate of helping people overcome their need to smoke marijuana in a safe, secure and stable way.

If you need help with Marijuana Addiction in Teenagers then our detox program is right for you, contact our Detox Facility addiction professionals at 1855-Detox-00, where we are available 24 hours a day, or by filling out the contact form above.