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Methadone Rehab Centers Provide Assistance and Care

Methadone abuse and addiction is an unfortunate potential consequence of using methadone as a replacement opioid treatment for people struggling to overcome an opiate addiction. Methadone is a synthetic drug that works on the opioid receptors in the brain in a way similar to other opiates and opioids, so it is commonly used in treatment – MMT, or Methadone Maintenance Treatment, is considered effective at reducing or eliminating heroin or other opiate addictions, but at the risk of addicting the user to methadone in place thereof.


Methadone Abuse


Methadone abuse can happen as a result of legitimate treatment as easily as through recreational use. The user’s body builds up a tolerance, as with other opiates and opioids, and they may seek to begin using the drug for its effects rather than to fend off their cravings for the drug they originally began using methadone to overcome. In the end, it doesn’t matter why they’re taking the drug, just that the use becomes abuse, and the abuse becomes methadone addiction.


Methadone Addiction


When users and abusers begin seeing methadone as the most important aspect of their lives, at the detriment of their families, friends and occupations, they’re caught in the grip of methadone addiction. That addiction causes them to focus on their desperate search for the high the drug can give them, and it no longer matters why they began using in the first place; they need to seek methadone detox  and treatment as soon as possible in order to get the assistance and care they need to overcome this new addiction.


Methadone Detox


Methadone detox can take different avenues, depending on the severity of the addiction and the needs of the individual. Regardless of the method they choose, however, because of the potential withdrawal symptoms of methadone use, any detox program should be overseen by a medically trained professional to ensure the safety and well-being of the recovering addict. Once detox has been completed, either through a gradual weaning or through rapid cleansing, methadone treatment at one of many rehab centers can provide the assistance and care recovering addicts will need to succeed.


Methadone Rehab Centers


Methadone rehab centers provide round the clock care and assistance for their residential patients. This is the most effective way to help get addicts on their way to recovery, with educational seminars, behavioral treatments, individual therapy and peer group counseling available to teach users how to cope with a life free from methadone on an inpatient basis. However, because some people can’t afford residential treatment, outpatient treatment programs are in place that provide the same benefits and aid, but on an outpatient basis.