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Methadone to the Rescue for Oxycodone Recovery

Methadone is arguably the best treatment for Oxycodone recovery. This opiate has emerged as the new lifeline for drug addicts when carefully administered in limited doses to delimit the withdrawal symptoms of Oxycodone.

Ever since its introduction in mainstream pharmaceuticals, Oxycodone has done more bad than good to the human society. Listed among the most potent painkillers in the market, Oxycodone is at its potent best when illegally trafficked in the open market.

Oxycodone addiction is among the hardest to overcome- a characteristic of all potent opiates. Most tried and tested methods of drug prevention and rehabilitation fail when it comes to Oxycodone addiction.

The potency of the opiate has meant that addiction to it cannot be overcome with simple means of rehabilitation. It is a poison that can kill a poison and likewise it is another opiate that can kill an opiate. Yes, it can only be an opiate which can nip the Oxycodone addiction and it is none other than Methadone.

Methadone is itself an Opiate which is capable of producing similar effects but with lower effects. When administered in little doses, the person undergoing treatment for Oxycodone develops dependence on Methadone which is otherwise a lesser potent drug than Oxycodone.

Kicking the dependence of Oxycodone is not an easy job as persistent addicts will vouchsafe by the fact. Turning a cold turkey and returning back to addiction yet again are the most common phenomenon witnessed in most cases of trying to kick the habit. Though politically debated, the method to administer is medically approved and continues to help innumerable addicts to overcome the habit of Oxycodone with satisfactory results.

Oxycodone recovery can be initiated from the initial phase that starts at home in the caring presence of the loved ones. The victim needs to be distracted and persuaded away from the drug persistently. The root cause of the addiction needs to be resolved which in most case turns out to be depression which makes the person feel compelled to take to alternative means to “satisfy” himself.

The medical treatment includes administering Methadone in trace amounts which has less potency and helps to phase out the effects and dependency on the drug little by little. Methadone does its best to cope with the severe withdrawal urges that happens to be the most vulnerable phase. The last phase involves strong will and determination on the part of the victim himself to keep himself off from the dark chapters of his life.