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Methadone addiction

Methadone addiction is a common problem for people that are trying to get free from heroin. Oftentimes they end up changing one drug-fueled obsession for another. Sometimes, people start with using this drug instead, and fall into the same trap that so many others have before, thinking that it is not as habit-forming as other forms of opiates. This is simply not true. Any opiate, regardless if it obtained on the street or in the form of a medication granted by doctor, can lead to the formation of a habit and the body becoming dependent on it, especially if it is abused. Statistics often show that most people who abuse methadone were never given it as a means to wean themselves off of heroin in the first place.

methadone addiction

methadone addiction

Since it is functionally similar to heroin, is should come as no surprise to anyone that methadone addiction also is created the same way, and thankfully treated in a similar manner. As it is not as potent as heroin, it does not require quite as extensive a process as the former in order to break the habit. Even so, that does not mean it is easy by any means. It is still a grueling process, taking both time and dedication to make it through the effects of withdrawal. There is also the desire to continue taking the drug to offset the depression and other underlying causes that led to the continued abuse that must be overcome.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from a methadone addiction, it is best to get them into a detox facility that can help them. Use of this drug can impair the functioning of many parts of the body, and cause drastic changes to parts of the nervous system and they way that people feel pain. The specialists in many treatment centers know the best ways to treat this affliction and can help guide the addict back toward the road to recovery. The first step is the most difficult, but once the decision is made to seek help, then the process of ehaling can truly begin.