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Opiate Addiction in Colorado: Dooming Lives Effortlessly

The word opiate refers to a class of narcotic alkaloids obtained from opium, commonly used in painkillers. Often people get addicted to these types of drugs after being prescribed by the doctors as medicines and the others become addicted over the course of their lifetime using the drugs like heroin, opium, morphine, methadone for recreation.

Day by day, people get dependent on the drug and start requiring it in greater amounts. Investigations in Colorado show that their usage has increased threefold from 2000 to 2011. In Colorado more than 18% people were admitted in hospitals due to heroin and other prescribed opiate addicted medicines and the death rate doubled itself within ten years. In 2011, there were nearly 362 deaths. Compared to other nations, painkillers are used 19% more non-medically in Colorado. The popular drug given by doctors is R-oxicodone which rose about 58% between 2007 and 2011.  Prescriptions suggesting R-oxicodone increased 46% by 2011. In Colorado, drugs are often available to the Medicaid patients without proper signed prescriptions.

Sense of euphoria is often noticed in people that can be addictive and a higher dose of opiates leads to deaths due to respiratory or cardiac arrest. People trying to discontinue opiates witness withdrawal symptoms which are very uneasy but life is not threatened. Symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, sweating, muscle aches, running nose and many more start within the last 12 hours or 30 hours depending on the potency of the opiate. There are two stages of opiate withdrawal. The Acute Stage lasts for some weeks when the symptoms vary from individual to individual and the Post Acute Stage lasts longer about a few months, when the psychological and emotional symptoms prevail more than the physical ones. In the later stage, almost all the people suffering from the opiate withdrawal have the same symptoms like mood swings, irritability, disturbance in sleep and lower enthusiasm.

People looking for long-term counseling and medications can find innumerable trustworthy clinics providing fruitful rehabilitation treatment for opiate addiction in Colorado. Specialists must be consulted during the drug treatment. For people withdrawing from the use of oxycontin, methadone is commonly used during their detox period.

The recovery phase is critical and requires extensive care and support of the loved and dear ones besides strong determination of the part of the patient himself. Colorado is fighting hard to do away with this social menace on a permanent basis with the help of the medical fraternity and support groups across the state.