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Opiate Addiction in Colorado Grows More Alarming

Opiate addiction in Colorado has emerged as the new nightmare for Drug Enforcement Agencies across the nation. A constant and steep rise in the number of Opiate addiction cases emerging out over the past few years is a fact that is worrisome enough. The fact that Colorado has even surpassed the nation average of drug addiction cases is henceforth not much of a bewildering fact.

Opiates belong to one of the most potent drugs known to man which can destroy a healthy person’s psychological and physical well being. These drugs adversely affect the central nervous system and destroy the nerves cells and induce incapability in the brain and body to carry basic functions like breathing, sleeping, walking, talking, digestion and many more. The body loses its capability to produce natural painkillers and hence the patient is forced to take opiate based medical drugs like Oxycontin as supplements. As the person starts to take the drug, a unique addictive dependency for it grows inside the body and the drug slowly kills the normal functioning of the brain as well as the nervous system.

Opiate addiction can be observed through various symptoms like anxiety, rude and unnatural behavior, sleeplessness, sweating, nausea and many more but the symptoms vary from person to person and also on the addiction levels.

Withdrawal symptoms that surface on stopping the consumption of the drug are among the most disturbing of side-effects that prevent any victim willing to emerge out of the drug’s dark shadows. Withdrawal symptoms include hyperventilation, anxiety, restlessness, indigestion, abnormal heart beats, respiratory problems, changed behavioral patterns, besides many others.

Colorado has innumerable rehabilitation centers providing opiate withdrawal therapy. The medical centers have specialized trained people and the patients are provided 24 hours supervision. Withdrawal therapies vary from person to person. Later, counseling sessions are conducted through which the person recovers from the after-effects of addiction withdrawal.

Rehabs at Colorado generally offer two types of treatment- inpatient treatment package and outpatient treatment package. Inpatient treatment is carried in the residential place itself. The treatment package is of fewer days compared to outpatient treatment. Medical experts are always present to look after the patient’s health and his response according to the treatment. This type of treatment has certain advantages. The patient can have a constant monitoring of his health as well as full time individual supervision.

Subsequently, the patients need the care of their loved ones in order to cope with the effects of the treatment that may linger for some time. Returning to mainstream society is a hard ordeal for them and hence they require sympathetic treatment more than anything else.