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Opiate Addiction in Colorado: An Overlook

The US has long been fighting with the menace of drug abuse and addiction over the past many decades. The scenario is worst in Colorado where a large share of the population is plagued by drug addiction especially to opiates that include both medical and recreational categories.

Opiates are considered as one of the most harmful drugs and addiction towards it can be dangerous. Opiate based drugs like Codeine; Heroin etc. target the central nervous system directly. Addiction to opiate can make a person go both physically or psychologically addicted. Opiates are also included in the preparation of few medical drugs like Oxycontin used to treat severe pain in medical cases.

Opiate addiction is caused when the intake of the drug increases. In this stage of addiction, the person shows strong desire to take the drug frequently. Mild addiction can easily be cured within a short span of time if proper treatment is given but strong addiction is hard to curb. Prolonged intake of opiate-based drugs hampers the nervous system and the person suffers from several symptoms like thinking incapability, depression, sleeplessness etc. The opiate drugs contain a potential to stop the functioning of the brain cells to produce natural painkillers inside the body called endogenous opiates. Thus, the body loses its inbuilt capability to shield pain or cramps and the person needs to depend upon external opiate drugs to get relief from pain.

Opiate withdrawal is caused when a person depends totally on the use of the drug for sustaining himself. Sometimes, abrupt withdrawal from the drug can make the person go into a stage showing inhuman behaviors and becomes uncontrollable without the aid of a medical expert. Some commonly observed opiate addiction symptoms are strong cravings for the drug, nausea, unusual sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety and muscle aches but the symptoms may vary from person to person and also on the levels of their addiction.

Rehabilitation of opiate addiction needs to be done wisely in several stages. Some common medications adopted by Colorado rehab centers include Methadone, Suboxone and Naltroxone. There are also several ways of treatment. Residential treatment includes medical treatment at inpatient facilities, which is mostly preferred for patients with severe addiction. Treatment can also be given at rehab centers in the care of experts. Apart from these, an opiate addict needs much care and support to overcome the stages of depression, which generally occur post withdrawal. Colorado medical practitioners have been reported taking serious initiatives for curing opiate addiction.