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Opiate Addiction Menace Rampant in Colorado

Opiate addiction in Colorado has become a deadly menace in this new age. Reports indicate a Colorado to be among the top ranked in the US in terms of individuals addicted to drugs. In fact, the dubious percentage in Colorado is even better than the US national average.

People taking opiates become totally dependent on it. Opiates are used in manufacturing drugs like codeine, heroin etc. which are both a boon and a bane for humans. On one hand, they are taken illegally by drug abusers whereas on the other hand, they save lives and relive patients of pain when they are administered in medical complications as potent painkillers.

Opiate intake works inside the body coordinating with the functioning of the brain and makes the body incapable of producing natural opiates, medically termed as endogenous opiates. The destruction of natural painkillers prevents the body from adapting with any kind of pain. The patient, in such cases, is forced to resort to opiates. In this way, the drug gets into the body and makes the person addicted.

The person suffering from opiate addiction suffers from several symptoms like nausea, anxiety, rudeness or aggressive behavior. The drug also effects the digestive system of the body causing the person to suffer from indigestion problems like diarrhea, vomiting etc. besides various other symptoms that vary depending on person and levels of addiction.

Colorado is reeling under the results of a generation vastly addicted to opiates. The treatment centers or rehabs provide 24 hours supervision and thorough check up of the patients. Generally, addiction withdrawal is done by two types of methods- Inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Replacement therapies are also included in the treatment package. Medications like methadone and Suboxone are used for detoxifying the body and flush out the residuals of opiate drug. The patients are also given counseling session at regular intervals to relive the stress and psychological ordeals they go through during the rehab program.

Treatment for opiate withdrawal must be done properly and slowly depending on the reaction of the body towards the medications. Sudden withdrawal from opiate addiction can become impossible for the person to adapt to the physical environment. Colorado rehabs provide one of the best solutions regarding such problems. Treatments do not take long periods of time and the person is guaranteed to come out of the opiate addiction on time before it’s too late to pull things back.