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Opiate Addiction on the Rise in Colorado

Opiate addiction is among the worst nightmares for any person who is reeling under the effects of the substance. Recent studies claim a huge rise in opiate addiction in Colorado, which currently scores well above the US national average for drug addiction among its people.

In fact, opiates fall under the category of the most harmful drugs available. Opiate drugs include potent assassins like Heroin and Morphine, which are nothing but derivatives of Opium. Most interestingly, they are used extensively for medical purposes for treating severe pain but an overdose can lead to addiction and in severe cases, may even lead to death.

Opiate addiction can be noticed via many symptoms. A person taking opiate drugs loses control over his thinking and physical capabilities. The drug mainly targets the central nervous system, thus compelling the person to lose nervous and psychological stability. Drowsiness or insomnia is among the most commonly seen side effects. Anxiety, behavior changes and depression are other factors to take note. Other severe physical symptoms may also exist is cases of overdose.

Medical researchers have highlighted the need as well as the pathways to eradicate opiate addiction in Colorado. In most cases, the use of this drug in medical purpose is considered illegal. People who get addicted to the drugs by taking it without medical prescription are the most affected ones. The initial stage of treatment recommended by medical practitioners is the care and support from family and friends. Psychological researches say that drugs are generally opted by those suffering from depression or severe tension. Thus, rehabilitation should start with much attention and care by treating the root cause of the psychological urge to take the drug.

Colorado rehab centers take utmost care of the rehabilitation process of people addicted to opiates through medical treatment. The problem with Opiates lies in the fact that as soon as the depression is cured, the person craves for more doses of the drug thinking life impossible without the drug. In the medical field, people suffering from opiate addiction are sometimes given substitute medicines, which give the feeling of another drug, but they help in greatly reducing the side effects of the Opiate. This fools the body making it think that the medicine is the same drug. Later, medicines are prescribed which flushes out the residual of the opiate drug.