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Opiate/Opioid Treatment

Overcoming an Addiction Properly

For those that are addicted to opiates/opioids, but are seeking a means to overcome the hold that you addiction can have on you, then opiate/opioid treatment is necessary. There are three steps to overcoming an opiate addiction properly: detox, rehab and after-care programs.  Those who follow through with all three drug addiction help programs are more likely to have success in their goal to lead a drug-free life.

Detox for Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is perhaps one of the most difficult drug addictions to overcome without the assistance of medical professionals. Detox programs are intended to help cleanse the system of opiates before the individual enters addiction rehab programs, this allows them to concentrate solely on their recovery.  Detoxification without the support of professional physicians can have serious withdrawal effects, including seizures and nausea, so it is necessary to seek professional assistance when overcoming opiates. Typically this process takes about a week to complete, and is often done through the monitored use of other, smaller doses of opiates, like methadone.

Rehab for Opiate Addiction

Individuals who are seeking addiction rehab for opiates, which is considered the second step to a successful treatment, should understand that rehabilitation should be specific to the needs of the individual. There are several drug rehab options that can be chosen from, but the goal of each is to treat the psychological signs of addiction that can affect a user. These programs can also help the individual gain some of the necessary skills to help succeed with their recovery outside of treatment programs, they are taught to focus their energy on living healthy without the need to revert to their opiate addiction.

After-Care Programs for Opiate Addiction

For an individual who seeks opiate/opioid treatment for their addiction, should also understand that there is a need to continue with the provided resources for after-care. Many rehab professionals can direct you to outpatient programs that are focused on the areas of treatment that you may still need some assistance, such as counseling for parents and proper addiction nutrition. While some may choose to bypass after-care programs it is important to know that there are additional resources available for former addicts to continue with their recovery and remain drug-free.

Finding the Right Opiate/Opioid Treatment Program for You

If you, or someone you love, are seeking assistance to find the proper opiate/opioid treatment program, then look no further than the Detox Help professionals. Their trained staff can help identify the right program for your needs, answer any of your questions and direct you to drug detox and drug rehab programs near you.