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Opioid/Opiate Abuse

Understanding the Dangers Behind Addiction

If you, or someone you love, is facing difficulty with opioid/opiate abuse, it is important to understand that this is a serious addiction, but there are also plenty of treatment options available to help overcome this addiction. Opiate/opioid addiction is a growing problem throughout the United States, and because there are multiple forms of opiates it is difficult to identify any one as being worse than the other. It is important to understand that there are serious dangers behind opioid/opiate abuse, so treatment should be taken seriously.

Understanding what’s behind the addiction

Opiate/opioid addiction can have a number of effects on the individual, psychological, physical and emotional, not to mention the fact that personal and professional relationships will often suffer as well. Depending on the means of ingestion, systems and organs within your body can be affected, and you can become more susceptible to contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.  Drug addiction help is necessary to overcome opiate/opioid addiction, as the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous unless they are monitored by medical professionals.

Detoxification programs for opiates and opioids

For those individuals who are seeking to overcome their addiction, opiate/opioid detox programs are plentiful throughout the country. When entering a detox program, it is important to understand that the individual will be taken through withdrawal as safely as possible, this is the physical treatment process. Because opioid/opiate abuse has such serious withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, nausea and extreme pain, there are methods available in detox programs to help ease the physical withdrawal symptoms.  The entire detoxification process takes about a week in order for the individual to cleanse the drug from their system.

Rehabilitation programs for opiates and opioids

Once the addict has gone through opiate/opiate detox, then it is necessary to treat the psychological addiction which has kept them using or started using in the first place. Drug rehab allows the individual to learn how to overcome their urges and deal with the daily issues that would otherwise cause them to use. There are also resources to help them learn proper addiction nutrition, implement exercise into their day and have group counseling sessions with others who have similar addictions.

There are three options for opiate rehab, including residential treatment facilities, outpatient programs and self-help programs. It is important for the addict to seek the kind of treatment that will most benefit their needs, many people find that the safe environment provided by a residential facility is easier to focus on their recovery, rather than to fall into their old ways.

Identifying the treatment options near you

If you, or your loved one, is seeking to overcome opioid/opiate abuse you can learn more about some of the opiate/opioid detox and rehab programs that are near you from the Detox Help. Their professionals can answer your questions and point you in the right direction to long-term recovery.