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Oxycodone Recovery: A Difficult but not Impossible Path

Oxycodone, a commonly used medicine, is often consumed to get relief from pain. It falls in the category of highly addictive Opiates that are potent enough to cause serious psychological and physical effects on the human body.

When taken in excess amounts either accidentally or intentionally, it causes various symptoms like hives, dizziness, vomiting, sweating, and swelling of lips, throat, face, tongue and many more. Since it has a link with the central nervous system, severe breathing problems are faced in many cases accompanied by anxiety. Doctor should be consulted if any symptom is noticed and proper recovery steps should be followed to make our body resistant to the absence of the drug.

The recovery from oxycodone addiction needs time as it has stages for a person to recover totally. In the initial stage, one suffers from physical illness but slowly the toxic substances are flushed from the body and the body resets itself to live without Oxycodone. There is another longer process which shows fewer symptoms like the Suboxone treatment or the methadone maintenance. Day by day, the body gets lower amounts of Oxycontin, and with the passage of time the amount of intake is further reduced and slowly our body becomes independent of the drug, Oxycodone.

The second recovery phase is quite non-arduous and is often termed as the pink cloud period when the person learns to adjust to the constant craving for Oxycontin. One feels that the life is not threatened by the Oxycontin addiction. It is the moment when emotional crash takes place and realization occurs that without working hard addiction free life could not be led. One should consistent in the decision of not taking any opiate prescribed drugs for many days.

Lastly that can be done to overcome dependency on the prescribed drugs such as Oxycodone is beefing up one’s self determination. Besides this, friends and family members should also take care of the addicted person and suggest the alternatives like some kind of food or gum. For successful recovery from Oxycodone addiction one must take interest in hobbies and other works that are interesting and draw attention. Hospitalization is required for special cases of addiction. Earlier if the person had some severe side effects at the previous withdrawal, proper attention should be taken and counseling is necessary to resist the same drugs and understand the addiction cycle either in a rehabilitation center or under any specialist or psychologist.