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Oxycodone Recovery: Fighting the Social Menace

Oxycodone is plaguing the United States in the present day. A drug derived from artificial synthesis of Opiate derivative, it is potent enough to cause addiction if consumed over a period of time. The use of this drug in the medical arena as a potential painkiller when other painkillers fail has made it yet another ominous entry into the arena of prescribed drugs consumed for addiction.

Oxycodone supply and sale is strictly monitored by the US government that has enforced strict laws to curb over the counter sale of Oxycodone to prevent abuse by addicts and traffickers. Since its inception in the market, the drug has found rampant abuse by addicts in spite of it being a “by prescription” drug only.

The ability of the drug to affect the central nervous system and subsequently the entire metabolic activities of the body has made Oxycodone a social bane that has been doing more bad than good over the years. Statistics say the non-medical use of Oxycodone doesn’t lag behind the medical use of the drug in the nation.

Oxycodone recovery is truly shattering experience for the one going through the ordeal. Withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, palpitations, hyperventilation, mood swings, abnormal heart rate and breathing, indigestion, restlessness and many more surfaces when the addict stops his regular intake. The conditions may heighten and the person feels suicidal and gets excessively aggressive for the want of Oxycodone.

The treatment of Oxycodone is best done with the help of other less potent Opiate alternatives that fool the body into thinking the presence of Oxycodone inside the body which in really is another opiate with lesser addictive potency. The dosage is slowly and gradually decreased over a period of time while making the person more habituated with the feeling of existing without the drug and relieving him off its dependency.

The medication phase must be suitably supplemented with social and psychological treatment that includes nurturing the idea of well being and love from the dear ones to eradicate for once and for all the root causes of the person’s depression. It must be kept in mind that fighting drug withdrawal symptoms is more psychological rather than a physical battle.

The hardest phase of Oxycodone recovery is the ultimate stage of rehabilitation and this is where the person is the most vulnerable to return yet again to his state of addiction. Care and love is what brings him back to mainstream society and helps to lead a normal life yet again.