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What is OxyContin?

Oxycontin addiction is just another one of the many forms of painkiller abuse that is overtaking North America. Many people begin using because they have pain and need some form of medication to help them deal with it when it occurs on a chronic basis. This often opens the gates for abuse as the patient becomes tolerant of the drug and needs to take it more often and in greater doses just to get the same effect that they once had when they began taking the drug in the first place. Other people become hooked when they start taking the drug recreationally, such as when it is offered to them at a party.

OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin Addiction

Oxycontin addiction is as devastating as any other form of drug abuse. Since it is derived from the same sort of plants as heroin, it has many of the same effects and works in much the same way. This makes it not only a potent medication, but also one that is also very easy to form a habit with, as the receptors in the brain become accustomed to having the drug in the system. Once they are denied the drug, the person starts to go through withdrawal because they are unable to find more of the drug or have chosen to undergo detox. This can be a difficult process as the body demands the substance but the addict must refrain from taking more pills, as this only impedes the process of getting clean. Eventually they will break through the pain and depression and come out of the experience as a new person.

With more and more addicts being diagnosed every day, the majority of which having oxycontin addiction, something will need to be done in order to reduce the numbers of people that have become dependent on this drug. Research continues in order to find better ways to help people cope with chronic pain without having them become dependent on their treatment to such an extent that it affects their lives and causes them to lose so much while simply trying to find some relief. Until that happens, education and caution are the best ways to prevent people from developing such a serious dependency.