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Percocet Side Effects and Dosage

Take Percocet exactly as suggested. Adhere to all guidelines on your prescribed product. Never take Percocet in bigger quantities, or for longer than suggested. An overdose can harm your liver or cause loss of life. Tell your physician if the drugs seem to leave the workplace as well in reducing your pain.

Drink 6 to 8 full associated with water every day to help prevent bowel problems while you are taking Percocet. Do not use a laxative without first asking your physician.

Percocet can cause uncommon results with certain drug testing. Tell any physician who asks you that you are using Percocet.

If you are in need of surgery treatment, tell the doctors in advance that you are using acetaminophen and oxycodone. You may need to quit using the drugs for a few months.

Do not quit using Percocet instantly after long-term use, or you could have distressing withdrawal symptoms. Ask your physician how to prevent drawback signs when you quit using this drug.

Percocet should be stored at 70 degrees away in a cool, dry place.

Keep a record of the amount of drugs used from each new container. Oxycodone is a medication that can be misused and you should be aware if anyone is using your drugs poorly or without a prescribed.

Always check your container to make sure you have obtained the appropriate tablets (same product and type) of drugs suggested by your physician. Ask the pharmacologist if you have any concerns.

After you have ceased using these drugs, cleanse any unused tablets down the bathroom. Convenience of drugs by eliminating is suggested to decrease the chance of random overdose resulting in loss of life. This guidance refers to a very few of drugs only. The FDA, dealing with the maker, has identified this method to be the most appropriate path of disposal and provides the least risk to individual protection.

Percocet is usually taken as required, so you may not be on a dosing routine. If you are getting the drugs consistently, take the missed dosage as soon as you can. Skip the missed dosage if it is almost at your next planned dosage. Do not use additional medication to create up the skipped dosage.

If you should accidentally overdose, seek emergency medical care. An over dose of Percocet can be life-threatening.

The first signs to occur in an acetaminophen overdose are usually appetite loss, nausea, abdomen discomfort, and sweating. Later signs may consist of discomfort in your upper abdomen and darkening of the urine.

Overdose signs may also consist of extreme sleepiness, clammy skin, muscle weakness, passing out, weak pulse, slow pulse rate, coma, blue mouth, superficial respiration, or breathing can stop completely.

These drugs may damage your opinions or responses. Prevent generating or working equipment until you know how Percocet will impact you.

Ask a physician or pharmacologist before using any other cool, allergic reaction, discomfort, or rest drugs. Acetaminophen (sometimes shortened as APAP) is included in many mixture drugs. Examine the brand to see if a medication contains acetaminophen or APAP.